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Within a month of purchasing our new spa, I realized that I was having a reaction to the chemical. Every time I used the spa my skin would itch and seem very dry.


As luck would have it my husband and I were introduced to AquaClear by a neighbor. We followed your simple directions for use of AquaClear and much to our pleasure the product is GREAT.

I no longer have any problems with itching or drying skin and there is no chemical odor in the water. We now have a sparkling clear spa that is work and worry free.

Thank you again for AquaClear. It is a wonderful product.






This letter is a testament to the quality and reliability of AquaClear. My wife and I have been using the product in our spa for almost seven months, and it does exactly what it says it will do! Most important to my wife is the fact that since using AquaClear, she has stopped having a recurring yeast infection exacerbated by spa use. This makes the product very worthwhile to us, and we would pay twice the price. I highly recommend AquaClear. If given the opportunity I would sell the product in my store. Sincerely, Dave

The 14 days since we received AquaClear we have entered into a whole new world of spa enjoyment. I just finished my first spa experience with your product and I am amazed at the smoothness of my skin, the pleasant fragrance I smell on me and in the spa, the clarity of the water, and the price which I paid for your product.


The Kitchens

When we bought our first month of Spa Monthly we put it in our spa a couple of weeks later. Our heater in our spa has not been working since March, and our spa is still crystal clear. We filter it twice a day to keep it clean and we haven't had to put any chemicals in it since October.



Thank you for making the AquaClear Spa monthly product available to us.


We have been using it in our spa for the past year. My husband, Tom, has very sensitive skin and when he got into our spa he would break out in rashes and would itch for days. We were using bromine at the time.


Then we tried AquaClear with the salt system. He now can get into our spa and enjoy it. No rashes and no itching. We use our spa at least 5 days a week all year- Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter.

Thanks again for such a fabulous product.



We have been using your AquaClear Spa products for almost a year now and we love it. It has eliminated the need for continuous testing and chemical balancing.




I am writing to you about your product Spa Monthly. In January of this year, I was ready to sell my spa. For the past several months, every time I used the spa, I broke out with a skin rash. Then I would visit my dermatologist who would prescribe creams, ointments and other medications. At times, the rash was so severe I needed injections to help clear it up.


Then I heard about AquaClear. I figured it was worth a try. I drained and cleaned the spa and after refilling, added the spa monthly. That was about three months ago, and I have not had even a hint of a rash since then. Thanks to your product, I am now able to use and enjoy my spa with no irritation to my skin. The water looks great and I have only had to add baking soda a couple of times to keep the pH up.


I'm really thrilled with your product and will continue to tell other spa owners about it. Thanks again!




I'm writing this letter to thank you for introducing me to your wonderful spa monthly product! I am amazed not only at how crystal-clear my spa is, but also how great the water feels. I love not having to rinse the chlorine off me or my swim suit -- and like you said, my skin feels better after I use the spa! When you add this with the ease of using the AquaClear Spa Monthly and the cost savings, I feel you have a revolutionary product that everyone should be using.


Having been in the health care industry for over fifteen years, I am particularly aware of the dangers inherent with chemical and toxin exposure. I believe it's important to do everything possible to reduce contact with harmful substances in order to maintain superior health, and before this product, I thought chlorine was something that I would just have to live with--not any more! I will be pleased to recommend your products to my friends and family.




Greetings! I am writing to thank you for all the advice and support you have given us over the last four months and to tell you how happy we are with AquaClear and spa monthly.


(Our) Inn is a 13 room bed & breakfast and our hot tub at times endures a very heavy bather load. Before using AquaClear we would daily have to add chlorine, check and adjust the pH, wipe down the accumulated grime around the waterline and add defoaming agent. On occasion we would have to use a product to bring all the suspended debris to surface to be skimmed off. With normal bather use we would drain the tub every two weeks. During high season we would have to drain it every week. Needless to say our hot tub was a virtual chemical stew and a maintenance nightmare!


Being a "green" business we were on the look out for a chemical free way to treat our hot tub. After speaking with you at length about the product, I was excited about doing away with chemicals in our spa.


We have been using aqua clear now for over three months and are very pleased with the results. Our maintenance schedule now consists of draining the tub every two months, refilling and then adding two bottles of aqua clear. We no longer wipe down brown film from the sides of the tub, we use no defoaming agent, and we have to adjust the pH only occasionally. During heavy tub use when 15 to 20 people use the tub each night, we may add an extra half bottle of Aqua Clear in the morning


I am thrilled to be able to tell our guests that our hot tub is chemical free. We often receive comments that the user's skin feels soft and clean after spa use.

Thank you for all the personal attention you have given us.



I am writing to praise your AquaClear solution. My wife had been unable to use our hot tub because of allergic reactions to the water chemicals. After pouring a 16 ounce bottle of spa monthly into our 460 gallon tub, she had no further itching or rashes.



AquaClear has been GREAT for my spa. I've been using the pre-filter and it works like a champ! Now the ONLY chemical add to my spa is a small amount of bromine. You guys rock! Thanx



My wife and I bought our first spa in August of 2004. During the back order wait to receive the spa previous spa owners kept warning us about the "chemical soup" needed to keep the water clear. After doing a few months of research on what chemicals, systems, and procedures were available I settled on AquaClear. At the time AquaClear was relatively new to the market but what reviews I could find were all favorable. The AquaClear system couldn't get much simpler and they suggests or provides everything you could need to keep your spa water clean and clear. I must admit that I am not the most environmentally conscious person but because I must drain my spa into the storm sewers it is good to know that AquaClear is all natural. This is the only Spa System I have used so I really can't compare it to others on personal experience but I don't see any reason to try something else when it works so well. I make a point to talk-up the Aqua Clear products to anyone I know who has a spa or thinking of getting one.


My wife and I thank you for keeping our spa water clear and clean!



Nathan and Jo Ann

I am writing this email to thank you for two things. One, putting out a great product and two, for your wonderful customer service.


I was a new spa owner in the Fall of 2004 and had no experience in their use. I could never get the PH or alkalinity right and I was constantly having to add chemicals because the balance kept shifting.


I live in New Hampshire, and it's no fun trying to play chemist when it's 10 below zero. I was also having to drain my spa about once per month (again, winters in NH are tough enough without playing in the water outside) because the water quality was that bad. I own a two person spa, and that makes it all the worse because there is only 138 gallons, and little things affects the chemistry.


I tried everything with horrible results until I bought your spa monthly and started from scratch. I cannot begin to tell how this has changed my whole hot tub experience. The PH and alkalinity are truly balanced & locked in and I've never had to add any chemical to keep it that way. The water stays crystal clear all the time. I have not had to change the water in the spa since I've started using AquaClear.


I can now enjoy my spa with minimal care!

Thank you...



Let me take a moment to reflect on the use of aqua clear. Prior to my introduction recently to this enzyme based product, I was very limited to the number of times I could use my hot tub, due to a very dry skin problem that with chlorine type ingredients irritated my skin to the point of not using the hot tub that I really enjoyed. BUT with the aqua clear maintenance system I can once again enjoy my hot tub as often as I wish. Thank you for your great product



Just a note to let you know that we have tried your product for the first month and are totally satisfied. We have had a hot tub for over 10 years and this is the first time that we have not had a continual challenge with the ph, the foam and the chemical odor.


Dave and Dawn


Thank you for the recent shipment of the 4 month supply of Aquaclear. I just wanted to let you know how much we love this product! I've been a die-hard spa fan for over 9 years and have not found anything on the market quite like this.


In the past, I've tried just about every spa cleaner, de-foamer, Spa-Up, Spa-Down, ionizer, de-greaser.....you name it! Now, all I have to do is add the one bottle of AquaClear monthly along with my sanitizer (we use chlorine). The water has never looked clearer or cleaner; it's truly amazing stuff! No more murky water with brown gunk along the water line! I would recommend this system to anyone who is tired of balancing their spa water, wasting their money, and not getting good results.


Take care and keep up the good work!

Kim and John


My wife and I first became aware of AquaClear through a friend in California some six or more years ago. We made our local spa dealer aware of it and he has made many more people on our community aware of it.


We both have sensitive skin problems and did not like using a chlorine product as we had previously done. We also were not fond of making multiple readings of the chemicals in the water.


With Aqua Clear we put in a bottle once each month and in addition to no measurements we also do not have to put up with the smell or skin irritation caused by harsh chemicals. When we leave for 5 months in the summer we turn down the heat and have a neighbor put a bottle in each month until we return home. At that time we turn on the heat and soak in crystal clean water.


Mac and Bev


Just wanted to let you know that my wife and I think your product is GREAT!! We bought a small 5 person hot tub about 2 years ago and right from the start we had a very difficult time adjusting the PH and keeping the water clean and clear. We tried several different spa treatments with no success. Then I came down with a terrible rash and itch for which the dermatologists could not find a cure, or a cause. Then during a web search we found AquaClear and the SPA Monthly spa treatment and figured we'd give it a try. Well let me tell you since then the rash is completely gone, as is the itch. Our spa is so much easier to regulate and the water feels terrific. We don't need to change the water as often and the tub is so much easier to start back up. My wife and I both enjoy our spa so much more than ever before, and we just wanted to say thanks to AquaClear for a Great Product!!


Sincerely, Glenn & Wendy - WI

For the first year of our tub, we followed the manufacturer's recommended schedule of adding chemicals to the tub water -- shock, water clarifiers, foaming reducers, scum reducers, alkalinity up, alkalinity down, etc., etc., etc, seemed more like a daily merry-go-round.  When we traveled, we more often returned to a tub of dense, slimy, thick, green "goop," not terribly inviting. While using Bromine, rather than Chlorine, we still itched, and itched and itched. It wasn't until we used the AquaClear products and routine that we truly had clear water, day after day, with wonderful bubbles, no scum, no foam, no itching, no "gooooop!"


Thanks AquaClear for a more delightful "happy tubbin' experience!!"

Steve and Liz, Ringgold, VA

I love your product. It is amazing that keeping up a spa can be easy! And the soft feeling of the water is really nice. Smooth skin is an amazing plus. I like using a spa that is actually nontoxic.




We are LOVING our Spa Monthly treatment and pre-filter. Our spa water has NEVER been so crystal clear, and we're happy to be relaxing in fewer chemicals as well. Kudos for a job well done Aqua Clear!


Thanks again, Mike

I Spent the first five weeks of Hot Tub ownership adding and decreasing chemicals to no avail. In fact we never was able to get a reading to match the colors of the test strips! We were completely frustrated as the chemicals then starting creating skin problems for my wife.


I found the AquaClear web-site and was intrigued to say the least.  I placed the order, put the spa cleanser in the tub. 24 hours later actually got a reading on a test strip to match the colors on the bottle! (the first time since the original fill) Emptied and cleaned spa and refilled using the spa pre filter, balanced water added the Spa monthly. No more skin issues, the water is clear, fresh smelling, and best of all no fussing around to keep it in balance. Our tub has a built in aromatherapy (aroma is pushed through the air jets) and other owners of this brand say the unit does not work well at all. They all recommended we use the powders or oils (including the dealer). Well I got news for them, it did not work because of the chemical smell over powering the fragrance! Ours works great now that we use AquaClear!


Mike & Renee'

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